To be the first option for our strategic clients and a benchmark for all the actors of the meat industry.



To achieve our customers’ high satisfaction through our products and the customers’ commercial link with our Company, through continuous improvement and constant innovation.

To develop our people and, together with customers, producers and suppliers, health authorities and other state agencies, consolidate a great team focused on obtaining the results required to meet everybody’s needs.

To achieve competitive conditions to ensure profits that justify our continuity and growth.

To be an outstanding socially responsible Company that maintains a harmonious and friendly relationship with society and the environment.


  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Try to do things always right



In Frigorífico San Jacinto - Nirea S.A. we embrace the ethical commitment to produce and market both beef and ovine meat products and by-products, in keeping with the highest quality and safety standards.

We are also committed to meeting the expectations of our local and international clients, keeping a fluent communication to learn about their needs.

Convinced that the way to success is through continuous improvement, our Company invests in training our staff, increasing the number of professionals in our workforce and implementing paths for continuous and effective communication.

Continuous improvement is also reflected in the permanent search for introducing new technologies to processes, improving laboratory practices, maintaining the infrastructure in optimal conditions and becoming increasingly efficient in the use of energy, always in pursuance of our objectives. A key factor to ensure our continuous improvement, is to consolidate a solid team together with producers and suppliers, based on direct relations, trust and absolute transparency.

Generating competitive conditions is key to ensuring our livelihood, enabling us to ensure sustainable profits that justify our existence and our future growth, serving our shareholders, complying with all legal requirements and maintaining a harmonious social and environmental relationships.

Frigorífico San Jacinto in numbers

A unique



From its start, Frigorífico San Jacinto - Nirea S.A. forged long-term links with producers, customers, the state, health authorities and officials. Over the years, and supported by first-class IT technology, the Company has been a pioneer in providing reliable and audited information. Producers receive a broad range of feedback, including the individual weight of each animal they send. The doors of our Company are always open to receive visits of all kinds, from inspections from potential new buyers to technical visits of education centers. Frigorífico San Jacinto - Nirea S.A. has managed to nurture an excellent relationship with producers/suppliers, characterized by trust, which is a permanent source of satisfaction for the Company. Through an orderly planning of production, we provide information to producers on the number of animals that will be required so they can plan their work; our Company also benefits since we make sure that all commitments with the customers can be met in a timely manner.

Certified Quality

Thanks to our certification in quality, energy efficiency, corporate social responsibility, animal welfare, validated specific protocols or protocols of the various breeds, we are in a position of doing things well and showing evidence thereof. The quality and safety of the products of Frigorífico San Jacinto - Nirea S.A. are based not only on proper production standards, but also and foremost on the application of stringent hygiene and animal health standards, as well as the most stringent control systems. The purchase of livestock, both cattle and ovine, is done under special slaughter programs, and is agreed with producer groups or breeder associations, following clearly defined protocols and our own-payment-for-quality schemes.


With future generations in mind, Frigorífico San Jacinto - Nirea S.A. works actively to strike a balance in our area of influence. With our Company’s human resources, policies focused on education, health and sports, a demanding corporate social responsibility plan, and permanent jobs for the care of the environment, we constantly pledge and renew our commitment to sustainability.


Starting with a thorough selection of the animals, at each stage, we seek to achieve the best care of the end product and customer service, and everything that strengthens the link between our Company and the agents with whom we work. In times when improving competitiveness through quality is paramount, Frigorífico San Jacinto - Nirea S.A. finds the only way this can be done: by offering excellence.