To ensure the quality and consistency of the products destined for international markets, Frigorífico San Jacinto – Nirea S.A. applies only one secret: the perfect mix of a thorough selection of animals, state-of-the-art technology and the commitment of all the Company’s team to do our best at each stage of the process.

Through our brand “Nirea”, we market large volumes of beef globally.

The Company runs successful programs with clients that demand high quality products, thus consolidating our own brands abroad, and offering different characteristics.

Under the brand “El Rancho”, we market the cuts of grain-finished steers and heifers. These animals harmoniously conjugate a feed based on natural pastures until they are taken to pens for grain finishing three months before slaughter.

“Nirea Verde” is the marketing brand for cuts from premium purely grass-fed animals.

Also, there are certified cuts processed under specific protocols such as Black Angus, Hereford and Never Ever3 for the most demanding niches.

Depending on our customers’ requirements and market possibilities, our products are delivered chilled or frozen, with bone or boneless, in blocks, cuts, pieces or in individual servings.



Frigorífico San Jacinto – Nirea S.A. has a long tradition working with ovine products. In 1996 the Company gave life to the Heavy Lamb Operation, which focuses on the production and slaughter of young lambs with carcasses ranging from 13 to 24 kg.

A special lamb deserved a brand to distinguish it and to enable consumers to identify it. This is how “Nirea Premium Lamb” came about; the brand guarantees global consumers a top quality product that results from the combination of selected raw material, state-of-the-art technology, cutting production experience and strict quality controls.

Through our brand “Majada”, we offer selected and classified adult animal cuts that guarantee a homogenous and consistent product.


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